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Helping our visitors find top online casinos is one of the main missions of Casino Guru. Having reviewed over 6,000 casino sites – literally every single casino site we've been able to find – we know what to look for when deciding which gambling site deserves to be called one of the best online casinos in 2024.

We meticulously and methodically review each casino site listed on our website, with a focus on fairness and safety. We consider these the most important factors influencing the quality of online casinos, because we believe that players should be able to play real money online casino games and withdraw their winnings without experiencing issues like blocked accounts or declined withdrawals.

That's why you see the Safety Index displayed next to each casino listed above. This is our safety score, which we calculate for all online casinos we review. It is based on a number of factors, such as:

  • Fairness of Terms and Conditions – We carefully read and evaluate each clause listed in each casino's T&Cs to uncover potentially unfair, misleading, or questionable rules. Such rules can potentially be used against players in a way we consider unfair, so the casino's Safety Index is lowered for each unfair clause.

  • Casino size – We believe that bigger casinos are, in general, safer for players. This is because their size is a sign of quality and stability, allowing them to pay out big wins without running into financial difficulties. We have seen many cases of smaller casinos struggling to pay out players who managed to win big. This is why the known or estimated size of each casino is a factor contributing to its Safety Index.

  • Player complaints – Complaints submitted to our Complaints Resolution Center or collected from other sources tell us a lot about how a casino treats its players, as well as what kinds of issues they face while playing. We thoroughly consider each complaint and decrease a casino's Safety Index for each justified complaint that has not been resolved by the casino. Complaints are considered in proportion with a casino's size, as bigger casinos are expected to receive more of them.

  • Casino blacklists – There are several websites that publish a blacklist of online casinos, including our own Casino Guru blacklist. If a casino appears on a blacklist, it can be an indicator of its negative qualities. We take a look at each listing and decrease the Safety Index of blacklisted casinos according to the reasoning behind it and our evaluation.

Basically, we look for anything that could make your online casino experience unsafe or less enjoyable. The higher the Safety Index, the more likely you are to be able to enjoy real money online casino games and be able to cash out your winnings from the casino without running into issues which might be common at online casinos with a low Safety Index.



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